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Our Marketing Philosophy

Those businesses with the strongest futures will be those who align making profits, with creating social progress. At DCG Refrigerated Rentals and Distribution we are doing that (“Doing well by doing good”).

Shared values between the business and the customer are not on the margin of what we do, but at the very center of it.

We are doing an excellent job of creating a shared value model here. We need our customers to believe in what we do, but because we are actually getting the job done that everyone wants done. The business community wants quality refrigerated equipment and high standard third party distribution services but they want an efficient and non-bloated operation, who can do it at a fair price. There is a certain resistance to pay for inefficiencies, in any third party business.

Business people see enough waste, bureaucracy and inefficiency in Federal, State and Local Government as well as big business, to not want to support inefficiency, in a service business, helping them deliver their food products.

With every purchase our customers buy our values, our methods, which add value to any commodity or service we deliver.

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