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"I believe that a business’s greatest assets are in human assets, and the improvement of their value is both a matter of material advantage and a moral obligation." DC, 1994

DCG Rentals is a subsidiary of Damien Cole Group, a family owned and operated company that has been established in the mining, transport and recycling industries for 57 years now.


Our company believes in growing young people and holding our employees as the most valuable assets in the business. We pride ourselves on our presentation (including our gardens), cleanliness, common sense approach and ingenuity and innovation to get the best results for those who do business with us.

It is my philosophy, be it right or wrong, to “grow our own” people.  If that proves to be a wrong business decision long term, then I live with those consequences from a business perspective.


Even if that philosophy fails, I am still rewarded with the growth and development of the people, who were part of the process.  If it ever comes down to it, I would rather have that growth than the money, as my reward.  For the record, I believe I will get both.



The following links to documents have no commercial value, nor do they represent any great advances in corporate management, and many a reader would find them uninformative bordering on boring. To us within the Company, they are the core values that we have worked with for many years. They are published here to give an insight to our management culture, and corporate philosophy.

In publishing these values, we make no statement that they are correct, our only observation is, they seem to work for us!

We constantly seek to simplify business, believing that business is not a complex operation.

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