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Explore the best refrigerated rental vehicles in Perth

Late model

Low mileage

Minimal signage

Fast response (24 hr number)







Customer benefits

Refrigeration from plus 4 to minus 28 degrees

Central location based in Redcliffe

Easy to manoeuvre

Clean, regularly serviced vehicles every time

Short or long term rentals

Refrigeration from plus 4 to minus 28 degrees

Instant response

Deal with owner direct

DCG Rentals is a separate division of Damien Cole Group, a family owned and operated company that has been established in the mining, transport and recycling industries for 57 years now.


Our company believes in growing young people and holding our employees as the most valuable assets in the business. We pride ourselves on our presentation (including our gardens), cleanliness, common sense approach and ingenuity and innovation to get the best results for those who do business with us.


You can read more about our values by going to

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Tuck away tail lifts...


We specialise in modern refrigerated van rentals and refrigerated truck rentals in Perth.


Damien Cole Group was established in 1966 by Damien Cole as a business primarily in the rental of Wheel Loaders to the Mining Industry. We sold our tractor retnals business in the mining industry in 2013.


DCG Rentals is involved in the rental of refrigerated transport vehicles. We are constantly upgrading our fleet, rapidly expanding into this market, having all the infrastructure and technical expertise 'in house' at our Redcliffe works. We are a locally owned family operated company, which is ‘owner driven’, to give service and response.


  • We have always provided solutions to customer problems, whilst the competitors are ‘just getting out of bed’ or ‘on hold’ on a 1300 number in Sydney.


  • We have been providing long term rentals to our clients in one form or another for, much of it in the mining industry. We are specialists in the ownership of equipment for rental to the manufacturing and transport industries.

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We have our own mechanics, electricians, refrigeration expertise, fabrication team, painters and cleaners all on site within our Redcliffe facility.


We have a support team second to none.


We do not outsource our maintenance or servicing.


All of our people are highly experienced rental and equipment management people

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DCG Rentals
Head Office

467 Great Eastern Highway

Redcliffe  WA  6104



467 Great Eastern Highway

Redcliffe  WA  6104


DCG Rentals

Drop off | Pick up

467 Great Eastern Highway

Redcliffe  WA  6104

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